DIY Top Entry Litter Box


Let’s face it, litter boxes are a pain in the ass. My cat, Samuel, is so proud of his “duties” that after each time he uses his litter box he feels the need to bound out of it at the speed of light, causing a trail of litter from my laundry room to the kitchen. I know you feel my pain and I bet you sweep around your cat’s litter box multiple times a day too. I am taking a stand, and you should too!

This DIY top entry litter box is cheap (if not free), practical, and will save your living space from litter tracking.



Step One: Grab a large plastic storage container and a medium sized pot cover (or anything that is round and big enough for your cat to fit through ), and trace the pot cover about two inches from the back of the lid.


Step Two: Using a Dremel cutting tool (box cutter, or even sharp scissors) cut along the line you traced in step one.


Step Three: Buff out the rough edges of the hole with a file. The file I’m using is called a bastard file (hehe), but sandpaper would work as well.


Step Four: Measure the non-slip drawer line and cut a piece long enough to fit on the lid of the container. Then position the pot cover you used as your guide in step one and trace it with a dry erase marker onto the non-slip drawer liner.


Step Five: Cut along the circle you traced in step four, making sure to not cut into the border of the non-slip drawer liner.


Step Six: Carefully align the non-slip drawer cover onto the lid lining both holes up. Lift the non-slip material little by little and glue it onto the lid with a hot glue gun. This step was the most time consuming and works best if you have a helping hand. I glued around the edge of the hole first and then glued the rest of the non-slip material down. When finished fill the container with litter and replace your old litter box. 

Samuel has used this litter box for three days and I have only felt the need to sweep close to his litter box once! What I love about this DIY top entry litter box is the litter that would be on the floor is now trapped in the non-slip material. When I cleaned his litter box out it was easy to dump the litter on top back into the box.

This project cost me ZERO dollars. I had all of the materials on hand (minus the power tool and file…which I acquired from my boyfriend).

I hope you all enjoyed this project! Tweet me your finished products! @makeovermeow #topentrylitterbox


DIY Kitty Kush Kicker Toy


Does your cat enjoy being high on cat nip? Does your cat roll around, purr, and meow with no concept of reality while on cat nip? If so, you better roll up some sticky-icky for your kitty and get to making this DIY kitty kush kicker toy.

What You Need:

  • Seamless t-shirt 
  • Scrap fabric to use as stuffing
  • Scissors
  • High quality cat nip (that good-good)

Step One: Lay your seamless t-shirt on a flat surface. Cut along the bottom seam and also cut just under the sleeves.This will create a rectangular piece of fabric


Step Two: Cut the rectangular piece of fabric into two equal sizes.


Step Three: Cut the two rectangular pieces of fabric in half horizontally. This will create four smaller rectangular pieces of fabric. Set these to the side.


Step Four: (Optional if you already have scrap fabric)

Cut along the sleeves and under the collar of the shirt to create some scrap fabric that can be rolled into a ball.


Step Five: Roll the scrap fabric into a ball and secure with a fabric string. Create this fabric string from the bottom seam that you cut off in step one. Repeat this step two times to create two balls.


Step Six: Lay two small rectangle pieces of fabric on a flat surface. Pour two small piles of cat nip on the left and right side of the piece of fabric. Make sure to leave a few inches of room in between the piles and from the edge of the fabric. Then place the two fabric balls on top of the cat nip piles.


Step Seven: Twist the fabric with the cat nip and fabric balls until it resembles a piece of candy.


Step Eight: Lay the wrapped piece of fabric on top of the second piece and then twist them until the cat nip and fabric balls are completely enclosed.


Step Nine: Take one of the extra pieces of fabric and cut it in half. Pull these small strips of fabric until it resembles string. Use this string to tie off the ends of the toy. Tie the middle of the toy in a knot as well. Cut off any excess strings.



Step Nine: Pass this kitty blunt to your furry friend and watch them go bananas for this kitty kush kicker toy.



DIY Fancy Cat Collar


If you are anything like me, which I assume you are, you take a crap ton of pictures of your cat. Samuel is obviously a fabulous model for these DIY fancy cat collars.

These collars are inexpensive and extremely easy to create. I purchased my shirt from Goodwill.

What You Need:

  • Small child’s shirt with collar.(color/style is up to you)
  • Scissors
  • Fierce cat to model the finished product.

Step One: Lay the unbuttoned shirt on a flat surface with the collar popped.


Step Two: Carefully cut along the seam closest to the body of the shirt.

Step Three: Button the collar around your cat’s neck.

Finished Product:


These collars are perfect when you want to include your cat in the family portrait, prom pictures, senior pictures, or when he is the ring bearer at your wedding.

You are welcome.


T-Shirt Rope Toy


Feathers, string, USB cables, and hair ties. All of these items, whether intended as toys or not, will be chewed up and carried around in your cat’s mouth. (This has been my experience at least). I do not want to deny my cat his right to lose his mind while chasing stringy objects through the air. This project is simple, and for most of you will cost zero dollars! That is right, $Free.99.

What You Need:

  • Two old t-shirts without side seams 
  • Scissors
  • A flat rectangular object. (I used a cutting board)
  • The ability to twist, braid, and knot.

Step One: First, lay both t-shirts on a flat surface. 


Step Two: Cut a straight line below any embellishment on the t-shirt.


Step Three: Cut the bottom seam off of the t-shirt.


Step Four: Fold the t-shirt from bottom to top, leaving a one inch allowance.


Step Five: Cut even strips vertically without cutting the one inch allowance.


Step Six: Unfold the t-shirt and slide it onto a flat rectangular object with the one inch allowance in the middle. 434

Step Seven: Make a slant cut from strip 1 to strip 2, continuing with each strip until you have a continuous strip of fabric.


Step Eight: Pull on the strip of fabric until it starts to roll up into a tube, it should look like string now.


Step Nine: Repeat this process with the other t-shirt. You will have two balls of t-shirt yarn when you are done. (this project does not require a lot of t-shirt yarn, so save it for future projects)


Step Ten: Roll out  and cut three even sets of string (one of each color), and tie the ends into a knot to hold the two strands in place.


Step Eleven: Twist each pair of strings until you reach the end of the strand, and secure each twist with a knot.


Step Twelve: Tie all three strands together at one end, leaving the three strands free to be braided.


Step Thirteen: Braid the three strands for about 3/4 of the length and then tie off the braid with a knot. Then tie each individual strand into two knots close to the big knot in order to keep the strands more separated.


Step Fourteen:  Tie each strand into a few more knots to help the strands move more freely.

Step Fifteen: Introduce your cat to this awesome upcycled toy!