DIY Bleach Pen Cat Shirt

Bleach pen cat shirt


I was inspired to do this DIY after I saw this sweater on Pinterest. This project cost me ZERO dollars and only took about thirty minutes. Clorox Bleach Pens can be found at most stores for less than three dollars (luckily I had one on hand, it is amazing at cleaning bathroom grout). The only tricky part about this DIY project is making sure to not drip any bleach on other parts of the shirt.

What you need

As far as materials go, you can use any color t-shirt. I chose black because when bleached it turns orange, and that’s the color I wanted my cat to be.

step one

Step One: Insert a sturdy rectangular object into the t-shirt. Using a hair tie or rubber band, secure the sleeves in the back to make the front of the shirt  taut.

step two

Step Two: In the middle of the t-shirt start drawing the outline of the cat face with the fine point end of the bleach pen. Make sure that the stream of bleach is steady by testing a line on a piece of paper. I drew a circle first, added the ears and whiskers, and then filled the face and ear portions using the large applicator side on the bleach pen.

Step Three: Let the bleach sit for about twenty minutes. Then rinse the bleach off of the t-shirt. Make sure to not smear any bleach when moving the t-shirt to the sink.

Step Four: Wash, dry and wear.



Vintage Redux (All Gold Everything)

There is something magical about antiquing. My wallet does not favor antiquing over thrifting but sometimes you can find a unique piece for cheap. When I went to my favorite local antique mall, Big Peach Antiques Mall, this past Tuesday I came across some cute kitty finds that were 50% off. I picked up some tiny porcelain kitten salt and pepper shakers, that had most of their paint rubbed off ($2.99 for the pair). I also found an absolutely ADORABLE cat bowl($1.99), which now holds my jewelry in my bathroom.

meow I hold jewelry now

I did not want to change anything about the cat bowl, but my salt and pepper shakers needed some love. I decided they needed to be gold, because nothing is classier than gold. (Trinidad James and Gold Member  approve this vintage redux).


This redux is  inexpensive and very easy. I purchased gold spray paint from Hobby Lobby for $6.99 (this size will last for many projects).

Step One: Wipe any dust or residue off of your salt shakers.

Step Two: In a well ventilated area start spray painting your shakers in thin even coats. My shakers only needed one coat, if you need to do multiple coats allow at least 5 minutes of dry time in between coats.

Step Three: Let your shakers dry for at least ten minutes, and fill with salt and pepper!

vintage redux


I’m Diggin’ it : Cat Rings

I’m going to apologize to my male readers, this post is purely dedicated to  my kitty obsessed ladies out there!

I originally planned to post a litter-box makeover this week (coming next week), but after a tipsy Mexican lunch with some of my girlfriends my inspiration for this week changed to cat rings! Turns out, these girlfriends of mine are equally obsessed with kitty swag. We shared cute shirts, sweaters, purses, and jewelry that we have pinned that feed into our obsession. I picked the most adorable cat rings to show you guys. Go ahead and get your “awws” ready!

This Nabi cat ring is so gorgeous! This ring is the original wrap around cat ring. (Drooling over the gold)

gold silver nabi cat ring


This Catbird cat face ring is so dainty. It can be worn as a first knuckle ring or second knuckle ring.



This is another wrap around cat ring from the Etsy seller yaci. This ring comes in black, silver, and gold-colored metals. This ring’s price tag is a little more broke girl friendly.

etsy 2


Finally, this Madewell wrap around cat ring is super cute and the most budget friendly. The only sizes offered are 6 and 7. (Small finger problems)



I hope you all enjoyed this post. Let me know if I should continue making kitty fashion posts like this.


DIY Cat Bookend


Thrift stores are overflowing with animal figurines. Most are not so cute, but with some spray paint you can turn any ugly porcelain animal figurine into a stylish bookend.


Step One: Remove any price tags, marks, or dust from your porcelain cat.

Step Two: Shake your spray paint for at least two minutes.

Step Three: Place your porcelain cat on a cardboard box. (Spray paint outside if possible)

Step Four: Start spray painting your cat making sure to spray 10-12 inches away from the surface. I chose a bright pink color to brighten up my mostly white apartment.

Step Five: Allow your cat to dry for at least ten minutes, and apply a second coat. 

Step Six: After your cat is completely dry (about 45 minutes) fill the figurine with glass gems ( vase filler) by pouring them into the hole located at the bottom of the figurine. I purchased my glass gems from Hobby Lobby for $2.99.

Step Seven: Cut two pieces of Duck Tape and secure the hole on the bottom of the figurine. (Most porcelain figurines have a hole on the bottom)


This project was extremely cheap, easy, and the finished product is pretty swanky.


DIY: Whisker Mug

Recently there appears to be an obsession with mustaches. Apparently, throwing a mustache on any object adds instant sex appeal and an air of debonair. I am not anti-mustachio, however this trend seems to be played out. What is sexier, sassier, classier, and more debonair than a cat? Nothing. It is possible to maintain your achieved level of sex appeal by dawning this game changing whisker mug. Mee-ow!


I purchased my DecoArt Glass Paint Markers from Hobby Lobby, $3.99 each

Step One: Shake the black paint marker and push the felt tip onto a piece of paper until ink comes out.

Step Two: Practice drawing your desired whiskers on a piece of paper.

Step Three: When you feel confident in your sketch, draw the nose and whiskers in black ink on the top center of the mug.

Step Four: Shake the pink paint marker and push the felt tip onto a piece of paper until ink comes out.

Step Five: Fill in the nose with pink ink.

Step Six: Allow the mug to dry for 8 hours.

Step Seven: Bake the mug in a non-preheated oven for 40 minutes at 375°.

Step Eight: When 40 minutes have passed, turn the oven off and let the mug cool with the oven door open.


Your sexy new mug is dishwasher safe!

Post a picture of your DIY Whisker mug to our Twitter #diywhiskermug