DIY Bleach Pen Cat Shirt

Bleach pen cat shirt


I was inspired to do this DIY after I saw this sweater on Pinterest. This project cost me ZERO dollars and only took about thirty minutes. Clorox Bleach Pens can be found at most stores for less than three dollars (luckily I had one on hand, it is amazing at cleaning bathroom grout). The only tricky part about this DIY project is making sure to not drip any bleach on other parts of the shirt.

What you need

As far as materials go, you can use any color t-shirt. I chose black because when bleached it turns orange, and that’s the color I wanted my cat to be.

step one

Step One: Insert a sturdy rectangular object into the t-shirt. Using a hair tie or rubber band, secure the sleeves in the back to make the front of the shirt  taut.

step two

Step Two: In the middle of the t-shirt start drawing the outline of the cat face with the fine point end of the bleach pen. Make sure that the stream of bleach is steady by testing a line on a piece of paper. I drew a circle first, added the ears and whiskers, and then filled the face and ear portions using the large applicator side on the bleach pen.

Step Three: Let the bleach sit for about twenty minutes. Then rinse the bleach off of the t-shirt. Make sure to not smear any bleach when moving the t-shirt to the sink.

Step Four: Wash, dry and wear.



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