Vintage Redux (All Gold Everything)

There is something magical about antiquing. My wallet does not favor antiquing over thrifting but sometimes you can find a unique piece for cheap. When I went to my favorite local antique mall, Big Peach Antiques Mall, this past Tuesday I came across some cute kitty finds that were 50% off. I picked up some tiny porcelain kitten salt and pepper shakers, that had most of their paint rubbed off ($2.99 for the pair). I also found an absolutely ADORABLE cat bowl($1.99), which now holds my jewelry in my bathroom.

meow I hold jewelry now

I did not want to change anything about the cat bowl, but my salt and pepper shakers needed some love. I decided they needed to be gold, because nothing is classier than gold. (Trinidad James and Gold Member  approve this vintage redux).


This redux is  inexpensive and very easy. I purchased gold spray paint from Hobby Lobby for $6.99 (this size will last for many projects).

Step One: Wipe any dust or residue off of your salt shakers.

Step Two: In a well ventilated area start spray painting your shakers in thin even coats. My shakers only needed one coat, if you need to do multiple coats allow at least 5 minutes of dry time in between coats.

Step Three: Let your shakers dry for at least ten minutes, and fill with salt and pepper!

vintage redux



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