DIY Top Entry Litter Box


Let’s face it, litter boxes are a pain in the ass. My cat, Samuel, is so proud of his “duties” that after each time he uses his litter box he feels the need to bound out of it at the speed of light, causing a trail of litter from my laundry room to the kitchen. I know you feel my pain and I bet you sweep around your cat’s litter box multiple times a day too. I am taking a stand, and you should too!

This DIY top entry litter box is cheap (if not free), practical, and will save your living space from litter tracking.



Step One: Grab a large plastic storage container and a medium sized pot cover (or anything that is round and big enough for your cat to fit through ), and trace the pot cover about two inches from the back of the lid.


Step Two: Using a Dremel cutting tool (box cutter, or even sharp scissors) cut along the line you traced in step one.


Step Three: Buff out the rough edges of the hole with a file. The file I’m using is called a bastard file (hehe), but sandpaper would work as well.


Step Four: Measure the non-slip drawer line and cut a piece long enough to fit on the lid of the container. Then position the pot cover you used as your guide in step one and trace it with a dry erase marker onto the non-slip drawer liner.


Step Five: Cut along the circle you traced in step four, making sure to not cut into the border of the non-slip drawer liner.


Step Six: Carefully align the non-slip drawer cover onto the lid lining both holes up. Lift the non-slip material little by little and glue it onto the lid with a hot glue gun. This step was the most time consuming and works best if you have a helping hand. I glued around the edge of the hole first and then glued the rest of the non-slip material down. When finished fill the container with litter and replace your old litter box. 

Samuel has used this litter box for three days and I have only felt the need to sweep close to his litter box once! What I love about this DIY top entry litter box is the litter that would be on the floor is now trapped in the non-slip material. When I cleaned his litter box out it was easy to dump the litter on top back into the box.

This project cost me ZERO dollars. I had all of the materials on hand (minus the power tool and file…which I acquired from my boyfriend).

I hope you all enjoyed this project! Tweet me your finished products! @makeovermeow #topentrylitterbox


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