I’m Diggin’ it : Cat Rings

I’m going to apologize to my male readers, this post is purely dedicated to  my kitty obsessed ladies out there!

I originally planned to post a litter-box makeover this week (coming next week), but after a tipsy Mexican lunch with some of my girlfriends my inspiration for this week changed to cat rings! Turns out, these girlfriends of mine are equally obsessed with kitty swag. We shared cute shirts, sweaters, purses, and jewelry that we have pinned that feed into our obsession. I picked the most adorable cat rings to show you guys. Go ahead and get your “awws” ready!

This Nabi cat ring is so gorgeous! This ring is the original wrap around cat ring. (Drooling over the gold)

gold silver nabi cat ring


This Catbird cat face ring is so dainty. It can be worn as a first knuckle ring or second knuckle ring.



This is another wrap around cat ring from the Etsy seller yaci. This ring comes in black, silver, and gold-colored metals. This ring’s price tag is a little more broke girl friendly.

etsy 2


Finally, this Madewell wrap around cat ring is super cute and the most budget friendly. The only sizes offered are 6 and 7. (Small finger problems)



I hope you all enjoyed this post. Let me know if I should continue making kitty fashion posts like this.



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