DIY Cat Bookend


Thrift stores are overflowing with animal figurines. Most are not so cute, but with some spray paint you can turn any ugly porcelain animal figurine into a stylish bookend.


Step One: Remove any price tags, marks, or dust from your porcelain cat.

Step Two: Shake your spray paint for at least two minutes.

Step Three: Place your porcelain cat on a cardboard box. (Spray paint outside if possible)

Step Four: Start spray painting your cat making sure to spray 10-12 inches away from the surface. I chose a bright pink color to brighten up my mostly white apartment.

Step Five: Allow your cat to dry for at least ten minutes, and apply a second coat. 

Step Six: After your cat is completely dry (about 45 minutes) fill the figurine with glass gems ( vase filler) by pouring them into the hole located at the bottom of the figurine. I purchased my glass gems from Hobby Lobby for $2.99.

Step Seven: Cut two pieces of Duck Tape and secure the hole on the bottom of the figurine. (Most porcelain figurines have a hole on the bottom)


This project was extremely cheap, easy, and the finished product is pretty swanky.



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